March 24, 2009

and the winner is.... complete random chance.

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Hi!!!! 1,000. wow! Congratulations! Hmmmn, I wonder what number I began reading at... If money didn't matter I would" Spend the rest of my life volunteering and travel :) Loves! Jessica

Jessica is a bloggy friend from way back. One that I even got to meet in person a few years ago. Her heart for Jesus and the world is so beautiful. Congrats, Jessica! Send me your email address and I'll get that Amazon gift card over to you.

It was so neat to hear what each of you would do if money isn't an obstacle. I'm so excited to hear how many of you would love to be more involved with orphans! And travel....ahhhh...wouldn't we all love to do more of that.

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jessica said...

Wow! This is so surprising! So fun :)

my email is

Thanks April!!!!!!