March 13, 2009

Friday Finds

The highlight of my internet time this week was THIS video. It's Tara, yet again. I'm constantly inspired by her. How fun that she collaborates with a video artist to create a whole new world of memories for her clients. I've watched this video bunches cause it's just so happy.

The highlight of my TV week (this week=amazing TV) was ER. TV Gal pretty much said it all. Perfect. I felt like I was back in high school watching ER on my living room floor with the house all dark and quite. It was just perfect. I think I'll watch it again tonight just because.

was unbelievably inspiring this week (and lately in general). One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Mary Beth's post made me pray more fervently for their family (her especially) this week.

Katie's Amazima blog. It. Always. Makes. Me. Think. I'm ready to jump on a plane to Uganda and play with all those little ones.

The song Signs by Bloc Party. It was used on both Gossip Girl and Chuck this season. Josh Schwartz likes it, maybe?

One of my favorite bloggers got to meet one of my other favorite bloggers. Look at all the yummies they got to make! Check out these shirts that she has created too. I like this one.

24. Jack Bauer. Season 7. It's so good I can't stand it!

One of the best episodes ever of Friday Night Lights. If only I could come to each of your houses and watch season 1 with you. I know you would all love it. And this rumor has me ecstatic, btw.

I'm loving design is mine. Just found it this week.

Polyvore is a horribly, addicting, delightful black hole. I love window shopping and not spending any money. I also realized my style has drastically changed over the last few years. Or maybe I am just finally finding it.

Need a movie to watch this weekend? How about a 90's classic? My roomie and I were enjoying its magic on our lunch break this week. It's when I fell in love with Johnny Depp.

Happy weekend, all.


Diana said...

I wanted to call you and talk about 24!!! I'm so sad Bill is dead. I cried. Love that hair. I knew it was coming too. But I'm mad he's not on anymore. It's up there with Hector dying...remember him?

cottage girl said...

Di, I forgot you guys watch it! No one else here does, except George. We always have a big discussion over each episode and everyone else rolls their eyes at us.
I'm with you on Bill dying. Almost as bad as Curtis (and Hector, the big teddy bear). Glad you are loving it, too!

tp said...

i LOVE that picture... maybe just because it screams warmth

Diana said...

Jack shot Curtis, didn't he? Jon just remembered that. I forgot about him too. They kill all the good ones off. There's still Cloe and of course my man Jack. He's a little psycho this season though. But, we'll forgive. LOVE this season!