March 27, 2009

either or

(Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver BC)

Google or Yahoo

Yahoo all the way. I LOVE my MY YAHOO page. It makes me so very happy. I do search through Google often though.

The Office or 30 Rock
Gotta say that for the last 2 seasons, 30 Rock has been way more funny to me. The Office has lost its magic, in my opinion. I still watch, but definitely don't love it as much.

Sigg or Nalgene
Sigg, please. No thank you, plastic tasting water.

Car or plane
Depends on the length of the trip. I love car rides when I'm not driving. However, I'd much rather fly if the trip is over 6 hours.

Zune or ipod
What's an ipod?

Community college or go-away-to-college
In my humble opinion....go-away-to-college. I really, really in my heart believe that getting away from home is important. It changed my life.

Drama or comedy
Drama because a really good drama does include comedy. See: Buffy, Firefly, Chuck or Steel Magnolias.

China or Uganda
My heart is pulled to both lately, which is highly surprising because China has always been near and dear to me. Africa, not so much, until a few months ago. Those little orphans have gotten into my heart.

Outside or Inside
On a warm day, it's torture staying inside. I want to live outside all spring. However, in the winter, I stay inside as much as possible.

Wicked or My Fair Lady
How can any girl choose between Elphaba and Eliza? I know I can't.

NYC or Vancouver
Vancouver. I can't explain the magic of this city. The moment I sailed away (cruise), I was ready to go back. I so, so love it! NYC is great, but it doesn't have that magic.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you love Vancouver as much as I do! It IS magic. Maybe it's the movie industry tie-in.-mom