March 08, 2009

I've decided....

1. Losing a hour of sleep is terrible. Most definitely when I have to be up before the sun rises.

2. 7:00pm sunsets are heavenly. Maybe the hour lost isn't so bad...

3. I'm selfish. No, this isn't a new discovery, but one that I continually am reminded of.

3. I need to take a trip to someplace new. I'm dying for a travel adventure.

4. I'm going to really, really miss ER when it's gone. Especially Archie Morris. He needs his own show.

5. Poladroid is super fun. So is taking photos off of cruise ship railings.

6. Some movies are rated "R" for very good reasons. Reasons that mean I shouldn't see them.

7. I like the quiet. Really, really like it.

8. Harry Potter is one of the greatest stories ever. Proof? I'm currently listening (audio book) to #7 for the 4th time and still loving it and hanging on each word.

9. I really love taking stupid pictures with my brother.

10. It's time for dinner.


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