March 24, 2009

quick facts

As the spring goes on, my time to post gets shorter and shorter. Therefore, I leave you with bullets....

  • I'm so thankful for this past weekend. I was able to be around people who encourage me to run after Jesus with all that I am. And they make me laugh. And they feel like family.
  • Battlestar finale....I can't decide whether I liked it or not. I'm leaning towards LIKE, but it did disappoint too. I will admit that I woke up at 3am still thinking about it last night. Maybe I did love it....hmmmm....then again.....
  • I'm so busy during the spring. My life becomes a mere shell of what it is in the winter. Work over-takes my life, and I don't think that is always right even if I do work in ministry.
  • I'm sick and tired of the cold weather. I hate wearing a coat and scarf. I'm just miserable and ready for warm weather.
  • I need to start swimming again. I'm so nervous about taking the lifeguard class in May.
  • My family has offered a wonderful gift (same as last year) for my birthday. I feel really guilty for wanting it because it could go toward one of Katie's kids, who need clothes and food and Jesus. I'm really struggling lately with possessions. I have so much while so many have nothing...
  • My flower garden is starting to pop up in my day dreams. What to plant this year.... Can't wait for that first trip to my favorite local nursery.
  • Goodwill score this weekend. Books and clothes.
  • Dollhouse became another example of when TV executives get in the way. Joss is now getting to do what he wants and, dear goodness, it's a whole other show. Funny, freaky and Joss.
  • I've gotten in an argument with myself several times about whether or not to buy this necklace. I'd love to have something that came from the country where one of my little sponsored kids comes from. And it would be helping a family adopt too. Oh, the dilemma.


Cottage Girl


Allison Drew said...

1. That photo is beautiful.
2. I understand the struggle with possessions... I mean, Jesus said sell all you have and give it to the poor then follow me. And sometimes I wonder how much of my relationship with him could be better, if I just give up some of my stuff.
3. I'm thinking of planting a flower garden as well...

Katie's Story said...

You should totally get that necklace! It's really cute and more importantly it's helping someone in need. It would be a great thing to remind you to pray too. How could you look at it and not think of the people who made it? Buy it, buy it! (I'm not helping with your possession's struggle, am I?)

cottage girl said...

Exactly, Allison. Does my stuff get in the way? Sometimes I really think it does.