April 03, 2009

a day off

I'm sure you are all dying to know the utterly boring details of my day off, aren't you?


Um, well, that's about all I got for today, so here it is anyway...

1. Wake up from a dream where I was going to Narnia with my own versions of Susan, Peter and Lucy. It was in a house that I've only "seen" in dreams. Anyone else have places that are real only in their dreams? I have 2 houses like that.

2. Watch Party Down on Netflix cause it was recommended by 2 of my favorite critics. Sorry, me no likey.

3. Watch this week's Gossip Girl. Scream at TV. Laugh at Chuck Bass. Get annoyed with Jenny yet again. I'm ridiculously hooked on this silly show. Forgive me.

4. Take first shower since Wednesday. Put on non camp clothes. Bliss.

5. Take random self portraits because I'm in normal clothes and look nice and I like my camera.

6. Eat yummiest sandwich. Plus more delishi-ous sides left over from last night's cook-off with friends.

7. Leave camp property to enjoy un-expected sunshine and free afternoon. Library - reading, journaling, quite time.

8. Park downtown at a meter only to realize that I only have 15 cents, which only buys me 9 minutes. Throw caution to the wind and enjoy said 9 minutes walking briskly up and down the brick sidewalks of yore. I LOVE downtown. Even 9 minutes of it.

9. Drive home with the window down, drinking in various tree blooms and flowers. Listening to Master and Commander Soundtrack (free from library).

10. Read this week's Entertainment Weekly. Yes, I subscribe. Terrible, I know. I pay $20 a year to get mail in my box every Friday. Worth it.

10. Post on Cottage Girl.

The following will most likely be completed the rest of the evening....

11. Eat another yummiest sandwich with delicious sides. And sinfully good homemade carrot cake.

12. Watch Dollhouse.

13. Watch Scrubs (from Wednesday)

14. Read.

15. Pray.

16. Annoy Winnie.

17. Think about last night's ER about 20 times.

17. Beddddiiieee byyyyy.

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