April 09, 2009

tattoos and blue hair

Spur of the moment this weekend, my roommate, The Bro and I pulled into the movie theater on the way home from church and went to see Sunshine Cleaning. It was entertaining. Not fantastic, but entertaining. A renter.

Couldn't get enough of Emily Blunt's amazing blue and purple streaks in her hair. I want some like that, pronto. (hi, Chloe! it's weird to see you without Jack Bauer.)

And she had great braids too. The colors peaked out. Subtle, yet totally awesome.

But my favorite was her star tattoo on her hand. I'm not a tattoo person, but I LOVE these.

I think I liked her styling/costumes better than the movie. She was very Urban Outfitters.
And I really do want those blue streaks....

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