April 04, 2009

Uganda around my neck

I gave in.

Every time it hangs around my neck, I pray for the little girl I sponsor from the same village where it was made. You guys were right. Totally worth it. It's so beautiful.

*****There will be more available at the end of April if any of you want one, too! It's a great cause.

***listening to this. More free music from my favorite place aka the library.


tp said...

YAY! I'm so glad you went for it!

Diana said...

April, I have one of those! My sister got me one at a Priscilla Shira conference. She was selling them to raise money. Could it be from the same village? It looks exactly like it.

cottage girl said...

D, could be. I know that many different villages have started doing these as a way for the men and women to make some $$ for their families.
This one I'm pretty sure came from a village local to my sponsored girl because some of the board members from Amazima (www.amazima.org) just came back with them. I thought it was so cool that I could have something to remind me to pray for her.
The necklaces are so beautiful! I'm in awe of how amazing and intricate all the designs are!
Plus, the lady that is selling them here in the states is using the rest of the $$ she raises to help with her adoption of 2 little kiddos from Uganda. So, I get to help out the locals in Uganda and bring some orphans to their forever home! Win, win!

Katie's Story said...

I'm so glad that you got it! It was totally worth it, right? And it's so pretty too!