April 02, 2009

Sniff, sob, wipe eyes...repeat.

If you either know me in real life or have read this blog for any length of time, you know my slight obsession with television. It's a life long obsession, really. Yes, since I was a young child.

Well, during the last 15 years, part of the obsession was wrapped around this show. I distinctly remember watching the very first episode on TV with my parents in the living room. I remember Carter throwing up. I remember instantly liking Dr. Green after "Love's Labor Lost." I remember thinking "there isn't anything else like this on TV." I was an avid watcher.

Tonight is the end. It's sad in so many ways. It feels like the end of a high school "thing." It's saying goodbye to characters that I dearly love like.....

Last week, as I lied in bed (my favorite way to watch ER. in my pj's curled up under the covers.) I started tearing up thinking that my time with Archie Morris is almost over. He has, surprisingly, become one of my favorite characters on TV. OF ALL TIME. Up there with Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars, Josh Lyman, Spike, Capt. Mal, Adm. Adama, Tim Riggins, Ted and Lester to name a few. This season, his character found a little spot in my TV heart that won't ever be replaced.

I could ramble on for paragraph after paragraph about my sadness over saying goodbye to ER, but I know it's not really that important in the sceme of life. So, I shall get my handkerchiefs ready for my cry-fest tonight and bid it adieu. (and watch it again 15 times because I'll have to tape it for repeated viewings and crying).

ps...I love this song.

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