April 21, 2009

summer evening music

It makes me think of palm trees
and sunny beaches
and leis around my neck
and surf boards
with the smell of pineapple in the air.

She and Him
"I Should Have Known Better"

***I apologize for my lack of posting yesterday. I actually had to take my computer out of its home and set it up in another place. Little crazy, but so fun to see my "monitor" be a huge screen in my living room. My roomie and I watched Chuck via Hulu on the "big screen" today just for fun. Btw...Chuck was soooo good this week. Anyone else see it? Anyone else so sad that it will probably be cancelled at the end of this season? I'm so sad!


Allison Drew said...

I love that picture! And She and Him...

Audrey said...

Loved Chuck! I don't want to see it end. I will be sad with you. :(

Katie's Story said...

Chuck was GREAT! It can't end!!!!