April 25, 2009

really fuzzy pictures from my night at TAL LIVE

As I told you, I went to see This American Life LIVE on Thursday night. Ira Glass was beamed into my own (or nearby) town for a live, fun evening. I snuck some photos with my crappy phone just to prove I was there and to remember what a fun time it was.
I must say, that I think it was much funnier than a lot of movies I have seen in the theater. It was great to SEE what I usually only HEAR. Quite a cool experience.

I arrived 30 minutes early to get a good seat. To my great surprise, the screen was full of fun things to look at like the beautiful art work that was created for the event.

Then there were funny word games to figure out.

And hints of what was to come. Joss was, of course, a BIG deal for this viewer/listener!

Then, showtime. Ira showed up and did his whole opening. Reading his script. Hitting about 15 buttons at once. One guy in our studio yelled "IRA!!" Dude, he can't hear you! He's in NYC! But I totally get it. It really did feel like we were there too.

Then Mike Birbiglia took the stage. I must say that seeing him perform instead of just hearing him was a treat. Hilarious...

Then Starlee Kine and an artist who does little comics on post-its for her writings.

And the man, the myth, the TV superhero Joss Whedon. His contribution was great. He was the brains behind Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (hilarious!!). He decided when it was put out on DVD that he would sing all of his commentary. He performed part of it LIVE. I've said it before, but I think he's just TV greatness.

Then Ira wrapped it up and everyone was sad to get up and leave.
A super fun night. I had such a great time and am so glad that I went ahead and bought those tickets.

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