December 31, 2009

Best of the year - blogs

Blogs. I love, love blogs. Here are some that inspire. Blogs that are tops on my Yahoo reader. These are my favorites among the bazillion that I read. Click away and find a new one to adore.

1. A Beautiful Mess (been following her for years upon years now. She is one of the most inspiring people in the world to me)

2. Smile and Wave (Wish so much I could sew and craft like her)

3. A Place Called Simplicity (They are my heroes. Since I was little, I've dreamt that my family look very similar to theirs. Children from all over the world.)

4. Tara Whitney (Photo genius. I'm in awe of her)

5. The Image is Found photo blog (They take the best wedding photos I've ever seen. Ever.)

6. Cakies (I wish upon a star that I could sew cute dresses and crafty things like she does. SO inspiring!)

7. my happy little life (and her Tumblr too) (Crafty, wonderful writer, just adore her blog. Her Tumblr is full of beautiful images.)

8. on earth as it is in heaven (Katie's blog) (This blog changed my life forever. No joke. I'll never be the same again)

9. Mammoth Men (Funny, photos, so creative. Photo vacations should be a must for everyone)

10. One Glad Morning (a new blog friend who posts things all the time that I was "just thinking about." Love the things she finds and shares)

11. Promise Tangeman (I'm so jealous of graphic designers, especially ones that use their gift for a greater good. Wow.)

12. Pioneer Woman (Yes, it's really as good as the hype. And she really is that funny and nice in person. Plus, her recipes have made the Cottage girls a hit at parties!)

ok....what are your favorites this year?

1 comment:

Allison Drew said...

You have no idea how honored I am to be on this list. I'm really glad we're blog friends... and that we sometimes have the same brain.