February 16, 2010

Austen valentines and a Lost side note

I had so many fun ideas for Valentines for the girls who work at camp with me. Cool, fun ideas. But then I tried some of them and they just didn't turn out like I wanted. That or they were too complicated to complete several by Valentines day.

Remember I watched Bright Star the other night? Well, the letters that John Keats and Fanny Brown were so pretty that I decided to use those as my template for the Valentines I would make. I researched Regency style letters a bit and came up with these. (I also got some great ideas here.)

First, I printed out what I wanted to say in a Jane Austen font. The left side was Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare, one of my favorites. The right side was a personal note to my friend.

Then, following Regency style, I folded the letter in half.

Then folded a small fold on the opposite side.

Fold it in 3 unequal parts so it looks like this.

Then cut out a strip of pretty paper in a small rectangle. Put some type of adhesive on the back.

It will add a pretty pop of color to the seal of the note.

And the best part, use an old fashioned wax seal to add some Austen-ey flair.

I've had one of these for years. Don't remember where I found it.

Finally, I wanted to add the address to the front like the custom was for the mail back then. I didn't want to spend an hour trying to figure out where to place the words, so I cheated. I just printed it out on another paper and cut it out. (address is blurred for identity protection).

Glue address on to note and...

Voila! Done and done.

I loved the way they turned out. Simple and cute. I wish I could make one for all of you!

****TV side note...I'm totally bored with Lost. I gave up watching during season 3. Then I decided to watch season 4 and 5 after they were over just to see if it redeemed itself. Ehhh. It's ok, but nothing more than that.
This season I decided to watch it like everyone else on Tuesdays. Gotta say, I'm really disappointed. It was so fun season 1. I don't get how people say it's the best thing ever. If it's the last season, give us some freakin' answers and stop dragging it out already!


Katie's Story said...

I totally agree about Lost. Blah! I haven't watched it in several seasons either. Every once in a while I try to watch one on tv and I get so bored. On another note, I'm pretty sure I gave you that seal set a LONG time ago. I'm glad to see it's getting some use:) Lovely!

Nick and Kaley said...

I AGREE! Lost is so dumb! But yet I watch and watch and watch