July 17, 2011

as promised

Smoothie Night 2011 was mustached themed. I was slightly nervous about such a tough theme, but just like every other year our crazy, creative staff came up with the best costumes. And we danced, danced, danced like it was 1999.

My roommate and I, the party hosts, were Mark Twain (me) and Albert Einstein (her). My costume was so hot this year. I was dying by the end of the night when we were taking down all the decorations. The humidity outside was about 155%. Blech. But other than that, we looked pretty good.

Our boss (aka: Executive Director) is our DJ for the night. He shocked us by wearing a mustache. Usually he just hides in his corner and spins some sweet tunes.

The joke is that we can't get in trouble for any of the music he plays (we have a pretty strict music policy in place at camp) because he's the one doing the choosing. He does know how to pick some great tunes. Look at him in action....

There were some great costumes this year. Unfortunately, as it happens every year, I'm stuck behind my blender or out on the dance floor, so I don't really get that many photos. My dream would be to have a photo booth. That would be sa-weet.

Anyway, here are a couple of the greats...

These two were my absolute favorite. Pedro and Kip. And let me just tell you that Kip was shockingly identical to the Kip. Just looking at her/Kip made me laugh.

Here we are dancing it up. You can see a few more costumes in the background. And please note Kip getting down in sandals and socks (back right).

We had so much fun. And I think all the new staff really enjoyed it too, which makes it all worth while. Another Smoothie Night success.


Nick and Kaley said...

you and shay shay look AH-mazing! kudos!

Kristi-Anna said...

This was awesome. :0)