July 19, 2011

filled to be emptied again

I woke up singing this song this morning. A Brooke Fraser/ Hillsong United favorite.
Anyone else totally love Brooke?!

This part has had me thinking all day...

This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I'm filled to be emptied again
The seed I've received I will sow

So many times, I just want the comfortable and easy. I want that season of harvest, of good, of abundance to last...always. I want to fill up and never have to let it go.

But that isn't the way it works, is it? God blesses us. He does. He gives. He provides. He gives out of the love that He IS. And then He asks us to give it back. Not to hoard it for ourselves. Not to keep it close to our hearts like some precious treasure to be hidden or buried away (like the parable of the talents).

I love how this song puts that concept. It's like it finally clicked for me when I sang those words. I'm filled to be emptied again. This precious seed will go into the ground, and I will work to see that it grows into what God intends it to be.

It seems easier to give and serve when I see how He has already given to me. It easier to be emptied because I know that I will be filled up again when I need to be. I will be grateful when I am in the harvest season and enjoy every moment that He chooses to fill me up again.

Not only that, but I will seek to be filled for the purpose of giving it away again. I will look for moments to give away things/verses/wisdom/love that He has graciously bestowed upon me. I'm slowly learned that in that giving away, that letting go, there is where I will find true joy. In those moments of selflessness, I am able to be used by Him in the greatest way. When I'm most empty of me, the more full I am of Him.

I may have written this more for myself tonight than for any one else. But it just had to come out. The words needed to be written down (or typed out, if you will). Journaling and writing is my link to sanity.

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Jannet Loves to Experiment said...

Hi Cottage Girl...

2 years back you wrote this post for me to read in 2013.... Yes... Through all the troubles I am facing now, God is filling me up for the purpose of giving away....

Thank you so much....

Love in Jesus