July 16, 2011

Why today was awesome...

#1. Sleeping in
  • complete with good dreams all night.

#2. Harry Potter 7 Part #2
  • Good seats. Getting there an hour early does that.
  • A (almost) fight between two women over saved seats. It.was.nuts.
  • Opinions over this movie...would you like to hear mine or go into it blind? I could write a whole post on my thoughts.
  • Loved that they used John Williams beautiful suite at the end during the credits. He's the man. I ♥ JW.
#3. Sushi for lunch
  • We have an A-mazing sushi place near by. So, so good.
#4. A walk around one of my favorite cities in the world. Annapolis.
  • It's charming beyond words. For reals.
  • It was "let's show the world how much crazy money we have and take our million dollar boats to Annapolis and show off" day. Ok, that happens every day there.


  • Twice in one week. Don't judge.
  • They have a new flavor called Wildberry Tart that is beyond...well, it's just really, really good.
#6. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  • I picked it up from the library at about 4pm.
  • It's almost completely read.
  • I...can't...put...it...down.
  • Not on the list. I love it when a "can't put it down" sneaks its way onto the list before the summer is over.
  • This is the first book by this author. And it's also another reason I fear ever trying to write anything.
#7. A quick nap
  • Only to wake up and quickly get back into #6.

#8 Vampire Diaries Season 2 episode 8
  • My roommate was kind enough to let me re-watch my favorite part.
  • Damon Salvatore. It's always the bad boys. He goes right into the Spike and Tim Riggins category.

And I'm signing off cause that books is staring at me and I can't wait any longer to find out what happens.


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