July 11, 2011

weather update

Gotta get off the computer.
Another awesome summer thunderstorm just rolled up.

I'd love to catch a shot like this one day.

Seeing the storms roll up our river is
one of the most awesome/humbling/scary things in the world.
Not to mention the 10 minute nuts-o, run around like crazy people to make sure boats, life jackets, banana, tubes, pool umbrellas, climbing ropes, giant swing ropes and of course the children are all put away and safe thing that happens here when a storm is approaching.
It's fun and crazy in a panicky, "we could die if we don't hurry" type of way.
And then the prayers that the power won't go out.
And the prayers that the storm will break the heat and humidity.
Not tonight though.
The temp is supposed to top out at 150 degrees with the humidity factored in.

Hello, summer time.

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