July 13, 2011

Numbered yet random

(photo by Bryce Johnson)

1. "The young months had grown old but autumn was still remembering summer..." -L.M. Montgomery. Leave it to my favorite author to use the perfect words to describe a lovely fall day.

2. "...but night after night she lay in her bed, weeping the bitter rebellious tears of youth until at last tears were all wept out and the patient ache that was to be in her heart until she died took their place." - L.M. again. Had to go read this passage out of Rilla tonight. Sometime I just must read my favorite pieces of that one. All the Walter talk in Ingleside warrants it. Sweet Walter.

3. I finished up GWB's book this weekend (so, so good. everyone should read it.) and started a new book. This one is so poorly written that I don't think I'll even be able to force myself to finish it. As I read it, it crystallized into cold, hard fact something that has been floating around in my head for years.
I fear writing a book (a life long dream) because of the great, great fear that it will turn out just like this one. Simply written. No real magic. Just words that don't really live. Who wants to add a book like that to their shelves? More than that, who wants to suffer through reading said book? I don't have to write a best seller or some great novel of the century. But I sure do want the words to breathe and live. If I can't do that, what's the point?

4. We had another big, rainy storm today. Rain, rain, rain. I'm hoping it keeps our jellyfish away for the another few weeks. The river is a wonderland of fun when they aren't here.

5. I may have bought a dress for super-clearance cheap at Quicksilver this weekend because the brand name was "Me & the Sea" and the logo had bird and wave silhouettes. That store sucks me in with its surf posters every single time.

6. Anyone else furious at Netflix right now? New plans = the worst idea ever. It's like they wanted to tick off all their current customers. Grrrr....

7. Tomorrow night is Thursday night. That means that there will be new Vampire Diaries and Nikita on the DVR by 10pm. Yessss.

8. No, I still haven't gotten my smoothie night photos off my camera. It's deplorable. I apologize. This weekend, it shall happen....maybe...

9. Harry Potter #7 Part 2. Gasping in thrilled expectation for the viewing that will happen this weekend. And the tears that are bound to fall. And the joy and intense sorrow as the end happens. I can't even think about it too much, or I'll go a little crazy.

10. The programming staff has decided that it is Harry Potter week, even though it was supposed to be Olympics originally. They created a muggle version of Quidditch. And let's not ignore the fact that at pretty much any time of day I hear "Griffindor!" or "Hufflepuff!" or "Slytherin!" being shouted across camp because those are the team names for the week. It's, like, the best idea ever. (yes, there are a whole host of us Christians who love Harry Potter here. LOVE.)

11. I'm continually blessed by the revolving door full of friends that happens here at camp. It is a wonder to me that I was humbled by in a real way this week. True friends, the kind that last a life time, are something I continually pray for. I have been blessed beyond measure by the host of friends that have come into my life because of camp. They make my world brighter. Summertime is like a parade of friends that goes on for 8 week. It's a little piece of heaven, if you will.

12. As of Friday night, we will be half way through. Four week in....four weeks to go. I like the middle. It's my favorite.


Nick and Kaley said...

why am i not at camp this week? i could be pregnant tonks ;)
also, i think you should try to write a book anyway. your blogs prove you can bring words to life.

Julie said...

I love the HP theme!! That's really fun. I have read them all multiple times and think they are fabulous, but have you gotten negative feedback about the theme from parents who may feel otherwise? Just wondering...

cottage girl said...

Ah golly, Kaley. That's super sweet of you to say. Maybe I'll give it a go one day. But I just don't have a grand idea for a story yet...
I took some photos of the final Quidditch match today. I'll try and post them. It was hysterical. Wish you were coming with S and I too see HP tomorrow!

Julie...good question. We haven't heard anything yet. The res campers haven't gone home yet, but nothing from day camp parents who have known about it all week. (at least I haven't heard anything)
Most of our kids are un-churched. The movies and things they watch make Harry Potter look as risque as Winnie the Pooh. I seem to remember you having a few of those tough kids a time or two. :)