July 06, 2011


My friend, Chaych, asked me a question today.

Just a simple question as we were enjoying our pizza on Pizza Day Wednesday
(We have pizza every Wednesday and everyone eats outside by the water).

The conversation went something like this:

"When is the last time that you went on a summer vacation?"

"Define 'Summer.' Does the end of August count as Summer?"

"Um, let's say no. How long has it been?"

"Well, in that case....13 years."


"I've been at camp for 13 years. No summer vacation."

"Ok...what about if we count the end of August?"

"Last year."

"Oh. Then that's not too bad."

Now if she had asked me how long had it been since I'd dreamt of a summer vacation...

Answer: every 10 minutes or so.

Especially this week.


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Our Family said...

I'm DYING to get away this summer. It's hard to stay home when the beach is just calling my name. Let's do fun vacation stuff when we come to visit, ok?