July 20, 2011


*taken last night after a long HOT day
* taken after the campers caught an entire 5 gallon bucket full of crabs
*it was crazy
*we couldn't pull them out of the water fast enough
*who would have thought that some string, a stick and an old chicken wing could make crabs so happy?

*it's going to ridiculously get hot here and has been for a few days
*we have a plague sweeping through camp
*kids and staff are dropping (puking) like flies
*we're hitting that tough week 5 middle week
*i think "you know who" works overtime to destroy us at this point in the summer

*i picked up this from the library today and am halfway through
*love the front cover
*my list is getting some major re-working this summer and i'm lovin' it

*recently found and now really enjoy White Collar
*Matt Bomer is ridiculously adorable
*his voice is definitely part of his charm
*and the perfect wardrobe they have him in
*he'll always be Bryce Larkin to me though


leslie.kidd said...

Hi! So you don't know me, but I've been following your blog for a while now ... just wanted to say that I LOVE White Collar! It's such a fun show ... hope you enjoy catching up to the current episodes! Have a great summer and don't get sick!

cottage girl said...

Thanks for saying hi, Leslie! It's always so fun to know that someone reads my crazy ramblings.

I AM enjoying season 1. Kinda slow viewing right now because of camp going on, but I'm loving it.

Not sick yet! And it's a God sized miracle...I've never seen a virus this bad in all my years here at camp.

Thanks again for saying hi. And can I ask...how did you find my blog?

leslie.kidd said...

I found your blog via a friend's blog ... Kristi-Anna. How do you two know each other?

cottage girl said...

Kristi?!! That's too fun. I met her through camp years ago. I ♥ ♥ ♥ her. We get to eat almost every meal together on the camp staff porch right now, and it's the best.