July 26, 2011

bluey-est blue

We had blue skies today. The blueyest, blue skies with big, white, puffy clouds. Haven't seen a sky like that in over a week because the humidity has been unbearable. Our 90 degrees felt like a spring day. I think everyone felt it. Every one enjoyed it. Everyone was thankful for it. No one took it for granted.

And can I get a big yee-haw for the fact that we haven't had one person throw up in the last 2 days?!!! It's the small things.

Today was just a good day. One of those days that I finished and thought to myself, "I really love it here. Truly." In all honesty, it was a day where a bunch of things went wrong. Both of our boats died in the river and had to be walked back to their lifts (thankfully it was low tide, so walking was easy) tonight. Thankfully, one wasn't broken and can run tomorrow when the kids need to go out. And the other is a simple fix. And the whole situation was so comical at the time.

I was reminded how much I love being surrounded by our staff during the summer. I feel like it always hits me right about this time. I get to that place that I form relationships with some of them.....and then they all leave me. Oh, I loath this change that's coming up quickly (only 2 more weeks?!!). But I'm so, so thankful for the people God placed here with us this year.

And I'm almost equally thankful, dear God, for low humidity. Can I order weather like this for the rest of the summer please? Plllleeeease?!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good day! Momma and Dad are praying for you all!

kaley said...

i love your sunglasses. yeah. i hate humidity. i feel your pain.

cottage girl said...

Thanks, Mommy. That means the world to me/us.

Kaley...I get more compliments on these $12 Target sunglasses. I think it's the color. Thanks! I know that you, more than anyone can understand the humidity hatred...