August 08, 2011

Dear Week 8,

Dear Week 8,

Please be kind to us.

Let our boats run and not break down in the middle of the river on a strong current day. No more sailboat rescues, please. Two times is more than enough.

Don't continually remind the staff that you are the last, the very last, week of the summer. Let them enjoy each moment. Let them live each moment.

Give us opportunities to encourage each other, love each other, laugh with each other. We need those so desperately.

Give the campers the best week of summer camp of their lives. Let them have no idea that we are exhausted and whispering "only __ more times this must be done." Let them see only joy and Jesus and fun.

Shower beautiful, non-humid, non-100+ degree weather upon our peninsula. We like the 80's. We love the 80's, actually.

Bind sickness from our gates. No more sweeping plagues. No more colds and sore throats and doctor visits.

And if you decide that you need an extra day or two....well, I think there are a few of us here (ahem) that would be quite alright if you stayed a little longer than you are supposed to. Because, you see, when you say goodbye, well, so does the summer. And so does our little community. And that....oh, that is just too much to bear right now.

So stay.
Be kind.
Let us live the moments.

If you would be so generous.

Your humble friend,

Cottage Girl

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