August 01, 2011

this house

A while ago I saw this house on an episode of TV show.
It was one of those houses that made me gasp slightly and say "no. freakin'. way."
Only part of it was visible, but that was enough for me.

Those abundant sets of french doors.
That pool.
The huge pots of flowers and shrubs.
The fact that it was in a climate (California, of course) that the windows and door were all open.
The ivy lazily crawling up the walls.
The brick stairs and white trim.
The top floor porch connected to the master bedroom.
The tiny and intimate backyard.

I was smitten.
And I couldn't find a photo of it anywhere online.
Until this weekend.
It wasn't the best photo, but it would do...

Dear God, can my mansion in heaven please be like this?
Or if you want me to try it out here on earth,
well, this here girl won't complain.
Not one little bit.

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