August 29, 2011


It's been a while.
Or maybe it just seems like that to me.

We just (and by just I mean an hour ago) got our electricity back on.
It had been off since Saturday night.
And when we don't have electricity, we don't have water either.
That's not toilets, no showers, no cleaning things.
Yesterday, we managed to get a generator hooked up to our water for an hour.
We flushed the toilet to our heart's content and all took showers.
Oh, happy day!

Since Irene left yesterday, we have had the most perfect weather imaginable.
Not humid at all.
Perfect for opening all the windows.
Perfect for outside cookouts and game nights.
Perfect for clean up.

Tonight, we had a "cook every thing you have left in your freezer" party.
Basically, we cleaned out the mostly thawed out meats that were still in our freezers.
Everyone brought what they had and we cooked it up on the grills (our only cooking tool).
It was fun to all be together, sharing in the annoyance of no electricity.
Then just as we were about to finish eating....
No better way to end a "no electricity" party than with the return of electricity, I say.
There was lots of cheering from everyone in attendance.

During the storm and aftermath, I read two(fun & cute) books(not so much) and made a good dent in a third (love, love, love). Mark Twain's autobiography is absolutely fascinating. No joke. I haven't been able to put it down. And it's quite the paper weight too. 760 pages of small type. But so fascinating. For instance, did you know that Twain was friends with Ulysses S. Grant? He was the one who urged him to write his memoirs. And Twain's sense of humor is one of my favorites. I've loved his writing style since I was very young (5th grade, I think?). Such a fascinating person.
I think I may have to buy this one though. I don't see me finishing this big thing before it has to be back to the library. I like to savor it and even underline my favorite lines. Such a great read.

That was about the extent of my electricity-less activities. Reading, napping, watching outside as the rain pounded down and the wind blew. We were so blessed in how the Lord protected us. Nothing like the destruction of Isabel. I'm happy it's over now and it's back to business as usual.

Over and out.

Cottage Girl

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