August 31, 2011


Let's interrupt this parade of family photos and natural disaster updates with a movie post, shall we?

Fact #1: I'm much, much more of a TV person than a movie person. Example: I haven't had a movie from Netflix in months (Just finished White Collar season 1 and loved it!).

Fact #2: About 95% of the time, you would have to literally drag me to the theater (or a friend's living room) to watch a romantic comedy. They aren't my thing. There are a few I like, but on the whole, not the genre I ever prefer. Ever.

Fact #3: I am NOT a John Cusack fan. I will pretty much avoid any movie that he is in. Blech. (sorry, G)

After stating those facts about myself, I will admit to you that I simply love this movie. 'Tis true.

I know. I know. It's awful. The plot is horrible. The writing is painful at times. The actors are trapped in this silly characters with no way of escape. I tell myself all these things....each time I put it back into the DVD player and recite the dialogue along with them. I can't help myself. There are so many quotable moments. And quote them, I do. Constantly. My roommate, thankfully, enjoys this horribleness as much as I do and quotes them right back at me.

Okay, so admit it. What is the awful movie that you can't help but love? The one you are embarrassed to tell your "indie loving" movie friends. I know you have one. Share. This is a safe place.

ps.... I want to see this, found tonight on IMDB.


Stephanie said...

April- HOW in the WORLD can you NOT like John Cusack??????? HOW??????? I just can't understand it. I always enjoy him in movies. And since you are my only friend who cares about this type of thing let me just tell you my heart skipped a beat the other day when I was reading an article in More magazine- which I think is a magazine geared towards "mature women" over 40 (ha!) and saw a list of the "hottest" actors....I DO NOT drool over actors (matt would be offended if he knew!).....but...I must admit....if I did ;) it would be for Christian Bale (#2 on the list) and Ryan Gosling (#10-which I totally disagree with by the way) on the list :) :) And my sappy romantic movie fix is #1 The Notebook- but only the "young love" storyline...I fast forward thru the old person parts- horrible I suppose- but I'm honest. And then number two pick would be Sweet Home Alabama....if the leading man in that was Christian Bale or Ryan Gosling I would like it more :)

cottage girl said...

You aren't the first person to think I'm crazy, but it's true. John Cusack just isn't my cup o' tea. No thanks.
I just watched The Fighter with Christian Bale last night. He was amazing and totally deserved his awards for that role. I've enjoyed him since Newsies. But he isn't on my "drool list." I enjoy Ryan Gosling too (Lars and the Real Girl is my fave), but he doesn't make the list either.
And I must admit that I absolutely can't stand "The Notebook." I may be the only woman in America, but 'tis true. That movie makes me instantly hit the "off" button. Blech.
Sweet Home Alabama is a good one though. I've seen that one many a time.
And I also do the fast forwarding thing while watching movies. "The Holiday is a favorite at Christmas," but only if I can fast forward through Cameron Diaz's part.

stephanie said...

I'm sure I've told you this before...but I must point out again how LOYAL I am to Christian Bale....I had a picture of him up in my locker my senior year of high school :) :) My tastes have not changed since 1995 :)

Also, I'm a bit concerned about HOW MUCH I LOVE boxing movies. I mean...what in the world is that all about??? I LOVED the fighter and I can't wait to see the Warrior. I'm embarrassed about my love of boxing movies....I have to try to be all sneaky when hinting to Matt that I want to go see one. For instance I have to say..."oh, I heard this movie is really good" or "hey- lets go see that boxing movie YOU wanted to see" . Cause I'm just too embarrassed to admit how much I like them! Sweaty men punching each other to prove something to themselves gets me every time! Don't tell my secret! ;)