August 03, 2011

That one time we played Quidditch

There was this one time this summer we played Quidditch. And I use the word "we" very loosely. I played only if you count standing on the sidelines dodging quaffles and taking photos. If you do count that, then yes! I was playing!

It was amazing to see how creative our programming staff was in making this Muggle version of the game. They went all out.

We had an entire tournament that went on all week. Cabin against cabin. And then it all ended with a big staff vs winners game.

The staff played valiantly. They even found the golden snitch. Golden snitch = a kitchen staff kid who was hiding somewhere at camp and had to be found and caught.

But alas, the kids trounced the staff. They had been playing all week, which gave them a slight advantage.

Mostly, it was just fun to watch a bunch of people run around chasing and dodging soccer balls and kick balls while having to ride a broom (or hockey stick because we ran out of brooms to use). It was a grand time. time, last week, I was in the pool. I know...shocking, right? Well, it was about 237 degrees that day and I had been on the boats all afternoon so I headed to the pool with my cohort right at the end of senior swim, which is the last swim of the day. We jumped in and didn't want to leave those cool clean (read: not yucky river) waters. The lifeguards were clearing the pool and made this announcement:

"Any one under the age of 18, please exit the pool. Time's up. Out you go."

As I was enjoying my cool dip, I hear one of the counselors behind me:

"Aaaaprillll, that means yooooouuuuu. Get ouuuuuttt of the pooool."

He is now my favorite.

Just for that statement.

I told him so.

And I told him he can never, ever leave camp.

I don't care about this so-called "college" thing he has to do during the year.

This story had nothing to do with the photos.

The end.

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