August 21, 2011

my excuse

They are my excuse for being absent.
I have been ridiculously busy as well.

Anyway, the moment I saw this photo on my camera I knew I had to share it here. We went to the Hirshhorn while we were in the big city. It is a beautiful building on the outside as well as being filled with tons of cool, modern art on the inside. It's one of our favorites. (and it's free!)

I know that some of you are thinking: "A two year old and a four year old and a 2 month old in a art gallery?! What in the world?!" Well, their dad is an artist. He is a professor who teaches the arts. He has a degree in ceramics. He was not in this photo because he was at a show for some of his own pieces. These kids know how to be around art. They know how to be quiet and respectful. They were perfectly fine. And baby Eliza just wants to be held no matter where she is, so she was right as rain. We had a grand time.

And this photo....I think it's gonna have to be blown up big and put up in my house. I'm totally in love with it.


stephanie said...

that IS a GREAT photo...most of your favorite people are in it! beautiful!

cottage girl said...

Thanks, friend. I DO love it. The moment I saw the walls of the building, I knew exactly what photo I wanted. Love it when the photo turns out just like I see it in my head.
Wish I could do a photo shoot for your family. Would be so fun!!

Gina said...

you can do one for mine!!!!! Pick me Pick me!!! I thought I worte a request the other day, but I guess it didn't go through.

tp said...

stop. it. this photo makes me feel joy and also envy (that you captured it so perfectly).