August 23, 2011

What was that?

I was sitting on the couch watching No Reservations
Typical lunch break
Then the floor started to move a little
Kinda like the dryer was running
But it wasn't
My roommate and I looked at each other confused

"What is that?"
10 long seconds later, after looking out the window to check the river
"Seriously! What is that?!"

Then the walls started to shake
That's when it got scary
I completely forgot what I'm supposed to do in a situation like this
We don't have earthquakes on the East Coast
What could it be?

But after 15 more seconds of rough and tumble ground trembles...
And me running around yelling,
"What do we do?! What do we do?!"
We finally ran outside
(let's be honest. our tiny brick cottage would be the first building to go.)

Then it stopped as suddenly as it started
Except my shaking hands
And knees
My pounding heart

Everything was fine
Over in just 60 seconds or so
But still...
An earthquake
It was the craziest

Just for the record:
I don't like earthquakes
No, thank you
Take them back, West Coast
Me no likey

***Post Script: Good crazy week is over. you can expect more regular posts from here on out. Hip, hip hooray!


stephanie said...

I used to wonder what was the "big deal" about earthquakes- so the ground moves a bit- so what? Then we had one in California and suddenly I realized that the ground moving is extremely SCARY. There are a few things humans should be able to COUNT ON- like the ground under our feet NOT MOVING around. I can see now why people fear earthquakes. Glad things are alright at the cottage!

cottage girl said...

I now completely understand the fear. And I also know I won't handle it well if I'm ever in a big one. Me = freaking out mess. And ours was just a tiny fraction of a what a big one would be. Yikes...