August 04, 2011

Island Days = done

We finished our last Island Day today.

It rained.

I got soaked.

It was cold (or it felt cold because it's been 543 degrees here until the last 2 days).

I've been in sweatpants,
and wrapped in a blanket
while catching up on Nikita.

(thank you, dear brother)

post script:

I saw the first jelly fish yesterday. It was dead, floating in the seaweed that had washed up on shore. I can't even believe that we haven't had jellies this summer. It has made my life 1,000% easier at the waterfront. The kids want to get in the water and play. I want to get in the water and play with them.

Even if they come with a vengeance this last will be the best jellyfish summer ever.

Additional post script:

Our house has been Shark Week hangout this week. I've heard "no way!" "gross!" "aaahhhh!" "you are kidding me" quite a bit. Mostly I just scream and cover my eyes. Repeatedly. Or go to bed early because this week has been an exhausting one.

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