August 07, 2011

World of Denial

Forget stress.
Forget that everyone is leaving in a week.
Forget that retreat season starts in a week.
Forget that both boats are broken.
Forget that the tube popped.
Forget that all those personal woes that are keeping me up at night.
Forget it all.

Instead, I'll spend a few hours in Mystic Falls.
I like the world of denial.
At least for today.
I'm sure it will come back to bite me tomorrow....

post script in regards to the world of Mystic Falls:

Who would have thought I would end up loving Caroline? Not I. She's quietly wormed her way into my heart this season.

What TV show are you using as your denial world lately?


Our Family said...

Psych. It's mindless and entertaining.

Merlin. though we finished all that we can see on nexflix

robin hood. when i'm in the mood for adventure and cheesyness.

Yes, denial is a great thing ;)

cottage girl said...

I've had several people tell me to try Pysch. Hmmm....
And Merlin and Robin Hood? I must say I'm shocked to hear you mention those two. Not your norm.
I think you would love Vampire Diaries. JD, not so much.