October 05, 2011

Apple picking day Pt. 2

Just a few more.
Hope you don't mind.

Little hands full of giant apples are just too cute to resist.

Photographic proof that I attended this little shindig as well.

She kept grabbing them and taking HUGE bites.
If we didn't watch close enough, she'd even get the bruised, bug infested ones off the ground.
Little apple muncher.

Apple orchards really are lovely.
Those long rows of short trees with pops of red everywhere.
I'd love to do a trash the dress session here.

It was a delicious treat of a day.
Next year, let's hope for sunshine and blue skies, shall we?


Jen said...

Apey- that one of the perfect little apple turned out so cool!!! Way to go, Mads- good find!!! :)

cottage girl said...

Thanks, J. It's one of my fave's too. ps...your kids are super cute.