October 09, 2011


Homemade sushi
a Cottage full of friends
an evening spent laughing and chatting instead of blogging.

A perfectly, lovely way to end a relaxing weekend.


Our Family said...

I'm drooling! YUM! Did you make it? What kind is your favorite?

cottage girl said...

We did make it. Well, Shannon and Ben made it. I made a roll, just to give it a try. My favorite was a tie between the smoked salmon with cream cheese and the cucumber/asparagus. So, so yummy! We made tons of different types and ate way too much. Lots of yummy soy sauce and wasabi too.
The first time I ever had sushi was when you and JD made it for me when you were living in your first apartment in Richmond. Loved it since then.
I think we may make it more often. It was pretty easy. Just lots to clean up.