October 28, 2011

I miss writing

(taken in DC back in August when the fam was here)

The worst part about not having my computer (yes, I'm still whining about this) is not having photos. No taking them and playing with them in Photoshop. No uploading them to Flickr. No looking at them (which I do, often). It's been hard, and it's only been a few days.

I realize that I don't need my computer to enjoy life. I don't have to have my camera attached to me at all times. But when it's the habit, it sure it hard to break. And when writing and photography are my main creative outlets, I guess I didn't realize how much not having them would affect me. Wow. I just miss writing.

In the plans for the next 3 months....

Buy a journal for the particular purpose of recording as much as I can. Writing daily. Keeping it simple, but effective to show how I'm learning, growing, thinking, planning. I love, love, love having a new journal to fill for a particular time period in life or a "this subject only" journal, too. I'm already mentally planning pages and layouts for it and what I want to be sure to record. It's ridiculous how giddy it makes me.

Maybe take some video. I've been wanting to make a little compilation video lately. Get back to my college major again. A good song and some good footage. Something that will represent what life is like where I am in life right now.

Live a little more in the moment. Make plans at the last minute. Change plane tickets. Go on an unexpected trip. Stop planning so much and just live.

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