October 17, 2011

Annoying and decisions

(from The Commons)

The intreeenet has been all kinds of annoying and difficult the last few days. I have photos to share, but can't upload them. And I couldn't even get it to connect long enough to post. Grrrr....Argh. So forgive the absence, please, oh please?!

We are enjoying very fine weather here. Truly. As much as I loath Fall because of the impending doom of Winter that is on its tail, I do love these beautiful days. The color in the leaves. The cool nights with windows open. It's so lovely.

This week involves lots of planning and prep and some airplane ticket purchasing. Super excited about that! I have 2 more working weeks before I have to try and entertain myself for 3 months. Looking at this end of my sabbatical, I wonder if I'll be bored out of my gourd by the end of week one. I don't ever, and I mean ever, have long stretches of time with nothing to do. A day? Yes. A week? Maybe once a year for vacation. But 3 months? It's kinda intimidating. I don't want to waste it. And I don't want to be completely consumed with myself either.

Decisions, decisions. I'm happy to have a long line of friends and family who have graciously asked (begged) me come and stay and visit them (be a nanny). I'm more than happy to be able to say yes to many of them. I can't wait to go and be the friend/family that I haven't been able to be with my crazy camp life. It feels like a huge gift to be able to do that with each of them.

Anyone else have exciting plans this week?

***when I saw that photo on The Commons, I instantly knew I had been there. That clock is so distinctive.

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