October 14, 2011

(old player piano scrolls. taken at an antique shop a few weeks ago)

It's Friday.

Unfortunately, this particular Friday is just the beginning of another working weekend for me.

Not only that, but I came down with a cold, all of the sudden.


So, instead of be-moaning a sick/working weekend, let's look at some fun things, shall we?!

Like a Pin board full of projects to try:
I've been pinning like crazy this week. Way too much time on Pinterest....oops.

Or this cute video....

Seriously. How adorable is that?! Gotta admit that I still get super excited to go to Disney. It never gets old to me.

This dress from Anya on Project Runway. She's my pick to win.

Pretending I'm on a vacation in Hawaii by watching season 1 of Lost again. Sometimes I just need to see those mountains and waves.
(side note: I forgot how good Lost was back then. If only it ended as cool as it began....)

There we go. Even I feel a little bit better.

Never mind...

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