October 01, 2011

lost and found

I had a lovely day, despite the rain and mist and bone chilling (ok, it was only about 48 degrees, but still) cold that has enveloped the land around me. I'll have apple orchard photos to share soon. It wasn't the day that we were all hoping for, but even a miserable weather day shared with friends is still a day to treasure just because of their company.

On a totally different topic, Grey's Anatomy was full of great music on this week's episode. The song below immediately captured me. I was listening so intently to the song, that I had to go back and re-watch the moments again so I could figure out what was going on in the story.

Turn it up nice and loud and enjoy. I'm on my 4th repeat listen in a row at the moment.

Anyone else still watch Grey's? I watched up until season 3, I think, and then quit. Then I got hooked again around season 6.


Our Family said...

I watched it. I got kinda bored halfway through though. I haven't seen it in SO long. Kinda confused, I guess.

cottage girl said...

It's on Instant. 6 thru 8 are the best seasons, I think. The early ones are more annoying. I like it now that Izzy and George are off the show.
But you should watch Friday Night Lights first. It's way better. :)