October 26, 2011

I seem to be cursed in the computer department lately. Not only is the internet still being psycho temperamental, but now I have a virus. A bad one. Like it won't open programs and has made my virus protection not work either. Grrr. So frustrating.

And my computer technician (other wise known as my kind and patient brother) lives in Utah. That's a bit to far away to call for a house call. Double grrrr. Maybe I should call the Nerd Herd....

And then Pinterest has been acting crazy lately. Won't pin things. Won't open pins. Anyone else having this problem? I wouldn't be surprised if you say no with the way things have been going.

So, I'll post for a quick second before I leave work. Just because I have wanted to, but haven't been able to.

First up: have you been watching The Amazing Race this season? My roommate and I are smitten with the snowboarders Andy and Tommy. They are the cutest, sweetest, kindest boys. And then this Sunday's episode they were talking about how much they love Jesus (you can read part of it here). Heart melting. And they were saying, as they were at a temple in Thailand, "this is beautiful, but there is only one true God and we worship him alone." I know! It gives me chills when I see people proclaiming their faith out loud on TV for everyone to hear.

You should watch. It's a great season and the places the teams have been going have been crazy/amazing. You can still see all the episodes online.

Um...what else....
Well, Halloween is just about here. Can't wait! It's my favorite holiday here at camp. We get to hand out candy to our neighborhood kids. It's so fun because so many of the kids come to camp during the summer. Love it!

Finished Night last night. It really was so horribly sad. Depressing. Hard to read. I can't even imagine living through the horrors that he did. I'm sure those stories will haunt me forever.

Inspired by this post on Elsie's blog, I've been experimenting with oatmeal. My favorite so far has been mixing in a bit of all natural peanut butter and putting a spoonful of Bonne Maman cherry preserves on top. Oh, my gosh. It's divine.
This morning I mashed up a half of a banana and mixed it in with the oatmeal while it was cooking, along with some Craisins and tiny bit of agave. It's was quite tasty as well.

AND She and Him have new CD's out this week. Yesssss. Two of my all time faves in one week! She and Him's new one is a Christmas album and it's only five bucks on Amazon right now. Sa-weet.

And that's about it.
See you again when the computer decides to play nice again.

Cottage Girl

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