October 11, 2011


I'm OCD sometimes.
When I get something in my head, I completely obsess over it.
At the moment, it's knitting.
This is the way it usually goes with knitting for me.
I don't want to have anything to do with it.
My yarn and needles will sit on the shelf for months and months.
Then something will click, and I won't be able to put it down.
I started a new project on Sunday and have spent all my free minutes knitting away.

So tonight, I have errands to run.
Getting my oil changed being one of them.
Of course, I threw my yarn in my purse (btw: I'm loving having a big purse right now).
I might have a few minutes to finish a few rows while waiting.
Then I have to go back to the store to get more yarn because I didn't find enough of this type to finish this project.

Other current obsessions:

iphones (Sprint has them now. Uh-oh)

Revenge (Favorite new show this season by far. And it kinda weirds me out how many people are on that show that have been on other shows I like.)

The Good Wife (almost done with season 2. I'm totally addicted)

This song has been on repeat today.

New Fall clothes. (I'm usually pretty good about buying clothes. But the fact that I'll be living a life outside of these 23 acres this winter and not wearing camp clothes everyday has me reconsidering everything I own. I usually wear jeans, a camp t-shirt and sweatshirt everyday. Not gonna work if I'm out in the real world)

Are you OCD too?
If so, what are you obsessing about lately?


stephanie said...

I'm OCDing over this picture of your purse and that big chunky yarn and needles! I keep looking at it wishing it was mine :) Ever since I started working I never knit :( I hope I sit around doing nothing but knitting on Christmas break :) and all the snow days sure to follow in January!

cottage girl said...

What projects will you be working on? You always make the cutest things!

stephanie said...

I working on a cute knit owl for J's teacher- she has a thing for owls...then I recently finished a scarf and I wouldn't mind making more...I love to see women wearing scarfs and I always think I need to make a few in bold colors for me....I've been dying to try a cowl pattern....and your big yarn/needles rekindles that interest! I've got some baby booties cast on but no one to make them for...and who knows what else will strike me! I'm notorious for having a bunch of projects started all at once!