October 20, 2011

cabbages, cabbages, yum, yum, yum

At the apple orchard a few weekends ago, we stumbled upon some cabbages as well.

The first thing I thought of was....wow, that looks just like a Cabbage Patch Kids patch.
Am I a child of the 80's or what?

I so remember the mad rush at toy stores to nab one of those prized dolls.
People would trample each other and get in fights.

I also remember the Christmas I got one.
Glee. Joy. Giggling. Screaming.
Snuggling with that treasured doll.

Those were the happy memories that instantly came back the moment I snapped that photo of a silly little cabbage.

ps...did anyone else have the Cabbage Patch kids cassette tape/record? My sister and I wore that things out. I still remember all the songs. And I know my sister is now singing along with every one of those videos. Aren't you, sis?


leslie.kidd said...

I had one, too! But probably after all the craze, since we were in Germany. That video is ridiculous! Sad to see people like that ... so greedy, when there is more in life to worry about.

Russanna said...

I still remember getting my first Cabbage Patch Doll on my fifth birthday! She had dark yarn hair and I loved her. Wonder where she ended up after all these years?

stephanie said...

I didn't have the tape but I had a doll. Her name was Deanna Rose and I loved her :) I loved how official her "adoption papers" seemed to me at the time!

Listen to that song I told you about. Crank it up loud and close your eyes and think about the words. Then write me and tell me what you think!!! I did that again today- gives me chills everytime!