October 30, 2007

I posted yesterday

...but I deleted it this morning. I really had nothing of consequence to say. Just that I watched Mansfield Park and 50 First Dates yesterday. I was in an unusual "romantic movie" mood. It was the first time I had seen Mansfield and I LOVED it. But then again, Jane Austen is just perfect for any occasion.
So today, I was hoping for some kind of inspiration to write something interesting. And....i have nothing. So here's the boring facts of my life at the moment:

I'm super excited for Halloween tomorrow. We ride around the neighborhood on Camp's Ranger and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We are too far back down the road to have anyone come to us. We get to see lots of our summer campers dressed up walking around with their mom's and dad's. Our neighborhood is really cute on Halloween too. Lots of people decorate their front yards and sit out on their front porches to watch and hand out candy. We've been doing our tradition since I moved here. It's my favorite holiday here.

I had inspiration yesterday and worked on my art journal for a long time. So fun. Love looking back over what I've made.

Fell in love with this picture today. She is one of my photography heroes. And you have to see how young she is and her other cool talents too. If only I had a 10th of the talent she does. I'm totally jealous.

Took another bike ride today and listened to the Garden State Soundtrack on my Zune. I've never listened to music on walks or rides cause I usually go with someone else. It was wonderful. And this time I wasn't as exhausted.

I looked through my Hawaii photo album. I went there a couple years ago and fell in love with it. Sometimes I watch 50 First Dates or Blue Crush just to see it. I want to go back SO badly! It truly is paradise and you can't understand it until you've been there.

I didn't read my book for 1 whole day. But I broke down today. I finished #2 in just 3 1/2 days. They are delightfully dark and addicting.

I am NOT loving Heroes this season. In fact, I'm bored. Anyone else? Isn't it January yet? I miss Jack Bauer.

I love these veggie burgers. They are yummy.

And that is my life. No wonder I didn't post yesterday. And I can't believe you are still reading......

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jessica said...

Are you still testing the vegetarian waters? I dove in (two months?) ago and am still swimming. It's rough and I haven't seen any big changes, but then again I haven't really increased my veggie intake. I've merely found a lot of good substitutes and tummy filling foods. I'd love to hear more from your adventure with this :)