October 15, 2007

like a kid in a candy shop

My new toy. It arrived on Saturday. Got an AMAZING deal. The bro told me about it and I asked him to get me one too. Now we are "matchy-matchy-green-square." No, it's not an ipod. It's a Zune. It's basically the same thing except you don't have to sell your soul to Apple to load stuff onto it. It plays video and holds pictures and does all that fun stuff too.

A little Sigur Ros for listening

A little 30 Seconds to Mars for watching (hello, Jordan Catalano...he really can sing)


Anonymous said...

no...with the zune, you just have to sell your soul to microsoft=;p

cottage girl said...

Well, I have to admit I did that too many years ago. Where would I be without my windows media player and XP?!
Zune is just furthering my demise.