October 14, 2007

No, I wasn't at the ER this weekend,

but I wanted to post a picture and I found this one of the boys of my family and I at the ER set on the Warner Brothers lot. Every time we see it while watching the show, we still have to say "I was there!" Stupid, yes, I know.

Good weekend.

Ikea trip. So much inspiration there. It doesn't take long to spend an hour there or 3.

Spent some quality time "in" Dillon, Texas catching up with the Panthers and their hometown crew. I'm now completely caught up and waiting like the rest of the world for Fridays, 9:00pm. I'm officially addicted.

Officially became a member of my church. So cool. Had a great talk with one of the pastors. So encouraging. Just what I needed. God is always using that place in my life!

Got a super cool new toy in the mail. Will post a pic. I think I love it.

Went to the farmer's market. Got some pumkins and tomatoes. There was a fun blue grass band there. Banjo and all.

Washed my car and vacuumed it. Did all that amidst a GORGEOUS sunset beside me over the water. Fall is here and the sunsets are proving it. They are putting on their best shows every night.

Off to bed. Another week awaits. Going to see the fam in the north this weekend. Can't wait to see how much the munchkin has grown! Night, all.

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