October 24, 2007


It's positively delightful. I bought the first book in the trilogy a week ago today. I finished it this morning cause I just haven't been able to put it down. My hour long flights this weekend just weren't long enough. I've been reading, reading, reading.
I debated whether or not to buy the second one while I was out running errands today. Then I couldn't find it anywhere - Borders (sold out), Sam's Club (nope), library (out again). Finally, I was frantic and went to what should have been my first stop. The black hole . It has rained all day here (no big deal to you, maybe, but we haven't had a rainy day in months), so I figured that it was okay to spend the afternoon curled up with a book. So perfectly wonderful. Everyone needs one rainy, book-readin' day, right?! And this one is just a delicious as the first.
It's a curious mix of Buffy, Angel, Everwood and Veronica Mars in book form. And it's just perfect. Fitting time of year to read a haunting tale too!
See I do do other things besides watch Friday Night Lights (which by the way was A-mazing last week. One of the characters got saved over the "summer break" and is witnessing to the "bad boy" aka my favorite. Took him to church and everything. Plan of salvation spelled out for all to hear on NBC prime time. I was kinda shocked!)

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