October 08, 2007

Recent loves

1. Friday.Night.Lights. I just stared watching season 1 and I am addicted! I have her to thank yet again! (and I guess my bro too..) You can watch them online (click the link) or buy it at Best Buy this week for $15.

2. Warm weather...still...it's unusual, but I'm not complaining

3. Fall evenings = cooler weather, no humidity, spectacular sunsets

4. Zune 30 on it's way....

5. Flickr (Elsie, LuLu, Amanda, Mariah to name a few)

6. Emma

7. new jeans. you have no idea what a HUGE deal this is. Jean shopping is torture for this 5 ft 2 inch girl. torture!

8. the blues of the twilight sky

9. the basket on the front of my bike

10. cereal for breakfast

11. Halloween costumes

12. Galatians

13. Laying around my parents house talking

14. Sweeney Todd trailer is finally here!

15. Garden Salsa Sun Chips

16. NBC Thursday Night line up (30 Rock, The Office, ER and Scrubs next month!)

17. My shampoo and conditioner

18. Tim Riggins (aka the "bad boy" on Friday Night Lights) I seriously love this show...

19. Winning a bet against my brother.

20. a new sweater from Forever 21

21. Her blog, pictures, scrap pages, processing...

22. my church

23. emails from friends

24. Photoshop

25. Balsamic Vinegar

26. quiet time to just think

27. learning from the hard things in life

28. God's patience

29. my journal - writing in it, reading the past

30. Chocolate

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Katie's Story said...

"I don't make your list, Auntie?" says Luke:(
JK Are you coming to visit? I don't think I got your plane info if you are.