October 03, 2007

kingdom come

Really enjoyed this movie. Saw in on Saturday. I had heard "so..so" reviews, but I really liked it! Totally cool to sit there as the lights went down and Jamie Foxx's face came onto the screen and realize that I had just seen him live and in person (at Letterman) only 5 days before that. Kinda gave me chills.
Anyway, it has 4 of my favorite actors...Jennifer Garner (i totally loved Alias. Season 1 and 2 are great rentals if you've never seen it!), Chris Cooper (there is something totally believable about each character that he creates. some of my favorites Seabiscuit, The Patriot, the Bourne movies. his voice is amazing!), Jeremy Piven (i'm so lovin' him right now. Serendipity was my first introduction. strikingly handsome and hilarious. double threat.), and Jason Bateman (seriously! i know your thinking "what? the kid from Teen Wolf 2?!" well, obviously you haven't been introduced to the wonder that is Arrested Development. it's a gem above just about any other sitcom ever on TV. Need something to rent and want to laugh? Pick up Season 1, but beware: you will want to keep watching one disk after another. jason is perfect in this series. he was the best part of The Kingdom. he makes me laugh with a two word line. sarcasm genius.). Jamie Foxx was really good too.
There you go...my little movie critique for the week. I'm off to watch Bionic Woman, the only new show I've allowed into my TV schedule (which is getting pretty sparse lately). But, hey, it's by the guy who re-created Battlestar, and we all know how much I love Battlestar. Just clicking over to the site to get the link for this post gave me happy chills and a "boo-hoo" that this last season will be over too fast. I love it more than anything else on TV. And I know there are those of you that read this that think I am just crazy because I love a show called Battlestar Galactica. Well, my dear sweet sister, who absolutely hates sci-fi (she HATED when we watched Star Wars, which we watched over and over, and Star Trek, which we watched Next Generation and Voyager and Deep Space Nine every week with my parents), is also hooked on it. Right, K?! Why not trust me for this one time and give it a try...The bro and I have gotten a couple of our friends to try it and they are hooked too!

Okay, I'm done with my TV/Movie rant...

Listening to William Fitzsimmons while I type. He's been on repeat since I bought his CD on itunes earlier this week. Good stuff!


Audrey said...

Love Bionic Woman!!! Thanks for the moive review I think I will try to see it!

Rob said...

did you watch Pushing Daisies?

I didn't think I would like it, but it was really good and funny.

i still can't bring myself to watch battlestar....i just can't picture myself liking it.