October 22, 2007

Not at home

But I am with family. I swiped this picture from my sister's computer. I'm so enjoying my time up here. Luke is so very kissable and adorable. This is a fun picture from his last day at camp this summer, so he's changed quite a bit. I will post some pics when I get home.
I started reading this book on my way here and haven't been able to stop. It's delightfully addicting. Why are kids books so much better than adults?! It's so silly, yet fun.
Got the sis hooked on FNL too! Oh, yes, my addiction is being passed on to anyone who will give it a try...
And a big hug and congratulations to my friends who had their little one today! I cannot wait to see her when I get home tomorrow!
Off to Target and more kisses for Lukes.

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