October 03, 2007


I desperately need to re-decorate my room. I moved in at the end of 2001. My little cottage, and I do mean little, has slowly had some updates. The kitchen and living room have been re-decorated. The bathroom desperately needs to be done. And my room has just seemed to be stuck in '01. Needs a fresh coat of colorful paint, some new artwork, and just a little love. I found this picture in a magazine a couple months ago and the colors and tones just seem perfect. I'm going to go with a pale yellow wall with white trim. I want to get some of my photos blown-up on canvas (expensive, but worth it). Maybe one small new decorative piece. A new warm blanket for my bed. What do you guys think, especially those of you who have lived in this room!??

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Audrey said...

Love your room idea! I have been having so much fun picking our colors, curtians and bedroom linens for the new house! Have fun!