October 16, 2007

work duds

Yesterday, at Bible study, we were laughing at ourselves and our lack of fashion when we go to work. One of our friends works on Capitol Hill and always looks so nice when she comes to BS at night. Another is a sub-teacher, so she looks so cute too. Working at camp, we wear "whatever" cause you never know what you may be doing that day. I've learned the hard way to never dress nicely for work. So here's a small sample of my "outfit" from today.

My favorite new tank with delicious stripes and colors over top of a tee and jeans to match. My favorite new shoes. I just LOVE them. So comfy. I wore them to the Late show, so now they are forever my "David Letterman" shoes.

I realized how much I miss my camera. Before yesterday, I hadn't had it out in a few days. I missed the shutter click and the Photoshop fun. I'll have a good excuse to use it this weekend! Ready for the paparazzi, Lukes?

Attention all you lurkers out there who refuse to comment....the time is coming where I may lure you out of hiding. Be watching.....


Katie's Story said...

"You, you LURKER!" who said that?? Any guesses?
Lukey is ready for you. I had him practicing his smile today. Check out my blog.

Rob said...

i don't refuse to comment. they're just rare...which makes them more....exciting?

By the way...Neil sent me a week 8 dvd yesterday. I'm excited to watch it. Did you make it?