October 18, 2007

This is....

...Louie. He's pretty much the coolest dog in the world. I LOVE him. He seems to love me. He has the sweetest eyes and the biggest nose and the squishiest face of any dog I know. He's a person wrapped up in a dog's body. The kind of person I would love to hang out with.
One slight problem. He isn't mine. Boo-hoo. I only get to "hang out" with him when his family is away. He comes to stay with me or someone else at camp (yes, I secretly try my hardest to make sure it's me or at least one of the cottage girls).
Well, this weekend, his family is going away and all the cottage girls are pretty much gone for the weekend. That means the bro gets to watch him. Lucky duck. Kinda wish I was home weekend to play with him. But only kinda. Cause I get to see them.

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