February 26, 2008

fire, windows and HP

No, my day didn't start off with a fire. Thank the good Lord! Don't want to relive that nightmare again. But isn't this pretty? I had to start a bonfire last weekend for the group I was hosting at camp. I took my camera along cause I was being a good 365 photographer. That didn't last though. My dreams of 365 pictures of my life for 1 year are dashed and burned. I gave up 2 days ago when I realized that I hadn't taken one for the day yet and it was 11pm at night. That had happened too many times. So frustrating. I hate not finishing something I start. But hey, I did get this pretty picture out of the deal...This was my view today. OK, not exactly cause it wasn't snowing. This is from last week. My last 365 day. This is my project that I have been working on. Re-decorating this room. I LOVE this room. I lived here for a few months before I became a cottage girl. It has THE BEST window with the most beautiful view on our property. One night, I laid in bed and watched a meteor shower from these windows. A meteor shower over the water.
Today I was sanding and painting this particular window. The weather today was quite different than this snowy scene. The sea was quite monstrous today. The waves splashed against the sea wall shooting water about 7 ft in the air. The water was a churned up, white capped, murky being today. I got distracted by the water about 20 times and caught myself staring at it with paint dripping down my paintbrush.
Then tonight a low, eerie fog settled over the whole place. It looks like a scene out of Sleepy Hallow. A night the spooks and ghosts come out to play. I couldn't make myself go back up here tonight to finish my painting.

This has been playing in my ears as I've been working feverishly. It's just as delightful and engrossing as the first time around. I looked down at my watch today and realized that 2 hours had gone by in a wink because I was so caught up in the story. I love my little Zune and all the hours of music/books on CD it can hold. I can't wait to finish the window and the book tomorrow.

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